CBD Consumables: What’s The Big Deal?

CBD Consumables: What’s The Big Deal?

What Is CBD?

With regards to health, CBD products have taken the world by storm. For those of you who are new to the CBD world CBD products do not get you “high.” This common misconception does little to aide in the acceptance of CBD oils and consumables. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound within the marijuana plant that can be filtered out by itself. The chemical in marijuana that gets you “high” is THC. There is no THC in CBD. The CBD contains all of the other beneficial factors of the plant that may help sufferers of anxiety, chronic pain, joint swelling, nausea and numerous ailments.


What Are CBD Consumables?

CBD consumables come in various forms including softgels, capsules, drops and CBD gummies. The amount of time it takes for CBD consumables to begin to take effect depends on the individual and the method of consumption, as well as the ailment for which the CBD product is being consumed. The CBD softgels and capsules are taken by mouth like any typical pill and will need to be absorbed internally before it can begin to offer relief. The drops are used under the tongue and can begin to be felt within 5 to 20 minutes. CBD gummies are taken orally, as any normal gummy bear. The drawback to gummies is the digestive process needs to begin before benefits can initiate. This can take up to an hour.

Along with the pills, drops and edibles, CBD oil can also be used in an electronic cigarette, or vape pen. When consuming CBD oil as a vapor, the effects can begin to alleviate symptoms almost immediately, but the degree and effectiveness of this method varies widely for each consumer. For example, an individual who lives a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a health conscious diet may be more easily relieved by CBD consumables than an individual who smokes, doesn’t exercise or who takes other drugs on a recreational basis. The less healthy consumer may have to use more CBD consumables to feel the benefits due to their tolerance levels.


Is CBD For You?

There is a cliche for this topic: You never know until you try. We can tell you this– you will never die from an overdose on CBD products. CBD consumables are okay to take alone or with others around you. Think of CBD as a plant version of ibuprofen. If you are still concerned and wondering if CBD consumables would be appropriate for you, you can consult a medical doctor for a more personal, as well as professional opinion.

We encourage everyone to do their due diligence and research anything you are interested in taking into your body. There is an incredible amount of information online. A simple Google search of “CBD Consumables” returns 814,000 results. Take a look at a few sites, talk to your doctor, and decide if CBD consumables are right for you. Your world of relief is waiting! Try the holistic approach now.

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