Gain muscle and lose weight fast with these quick tips

Gain muscle and lose weight fast with these quick tips

A strict diet for muscle gain and fat loss seems like a goal thats hard to accomplish. But not if you follow a few common sense tips in both your exercise program and your eating habits.


Cut out sugar — Your body will never lose weight fast or gain muscle if you are eating huge amounts of sugar in your food and in your drinks.

Cut out sugar from foods, in coffee and tea, and in sugary drinks, and you could lose up to two pounds a week by just doing that. The less sugar you consume, the more muscle you will build as well.


Eliminate drinks with calories — The best beverage you can possibly drink is either pure water or herbal teas without any additives.

By eliminating all drinks with calories from your diet, you should quickly notice you are losing weight. Combine this with a weight lifting program, and your weight loss could be quite drastic.


A daily weight lifting program — The easiest way to gain muscle is to kick off a daily weight lifting program.

You can do this at a gym by using their weight lifting equipment, or you can do it in your home with a couple of sizes of inexpensive free weights and some ankle weights.

Building muscle with weights will happen naturally if you lift every day. The more muscle your body has, the fastest your metabolism will work and the easier it will be for you to burn off fat.


Eliminate all processed foods — The vast majority of processed foods are incredibly unhealthy and add a huge amount of calories to your diet for not much nutritional gain.

Eliminate all processed foods and substitute healthier options like fruit, vegetables, dried fruit and protein bars, and not only will you begin to build muscle but your health will improve as well.

When you do switch from processsed foods, however, be sure to only use organic fruit and vegetables, as eating non-organic food can be as bad for your muscles and weight loss as can processed foods.


Take up a sport — Along with weight lifting, you can also take up a sport in order to help gain muscle and lose weight fast.

These sports do not have to directly involve weight lifting either. Instead, consider starting to do sports like cycling, tennis, swimming or rowing. All fun sports to participate in and also sports that will build up muscles in your arms, leg and torso.

If you want to gain muscle quickly, start a sport like running or rowing. If a more gradual muscle gain is alright, swimming, tennis and sports like speed walking and yoga will help you do that more slowly.

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